MIRACLE is the Authorized distributor in India for STACO range of products.

STACO is the biggest name in aerospace and defense, as the provider of choice for critical cockpit control systems.

The company was founded in Costa Mesa, California in 1958, more than half a century old company serving the many aviation and defense companies based in southern California, selling to the most demanding industries – military, aerospace, shipboard, and precision industries.

Selling to the most demanding industries – military, aerospace, shipboard, and precision industries – Staco Systems expansion is due to a commitment to quality in creating custom solutions for its customers. Our products have been certified with numerous standards boards, military and supplier certifications including AS9100 and MIL-SPEC.


Performance Capabilities
Staco Systems is a vertically integrated company. From concept to delivery, our entire development process is completed in-house. We are the only manufacturer with a single focus on human-machine interface solutions, so our experts are ready to develop and deliver custom solutions to meet individual requirements.

Engineering, Design & Development
Staco Systems’ Engineering Department offers a complete range of design engineering, prototyping and design-test services for complex electro-mechanical sub-assemblies. Every Staco solution integrates our core expertise in optics, electrical and mechanical design, mechanical packaging, and human factors, plus more than 55 years of experience.

The STACO product line consists of

  • Switches
  • Integrated Subsystems
  • Illuminated Panels
  • Data Entry Solutions

STACO Custom Capabilities

Push button Switches

Staco Systems switches are simply the best lighted switches.Our Lighted Pushbutton Switches and Indicators are built to meet the most rugged specifications and provide a wide selection of circuitry control capabilities and display screen combinations. Staco Systems has tested all products in a state-of-the-art QPL lighting and test facility since 1987. Products are certified to MIL-S-8805, MIL-S-22885, and MIL-S-24317. Light laboratory capabilities include brightness, color, contrast, reflectance, sunlight readability and night vision measurements.

Integrated Sub-assemblies

Our expertise in illuminated pushbutton switches, light plates and rugged data entry solutions means that we can offer value-added control panel assemblies by integrating these multiple components and promptly deliver CUSTOMIZED OR BUILD-TO-PRINT DESIGNS.
Our electro-mechanical, optical design, 60 years of manufacturing know-how, combined with our testing capabilities and our long pedigree of QPL certifications make us a unique supplier.

Illuminated Panels

Staco Systems has illuminated panels and overlays with the features you want and the qualifications you need ready for installation in military or commercial aircraft.
If you need a QPL-7788 qualified supplier for products that are tested to withstand the harshest environments and meet the most stringent standards, start with Staco.
Staco illuminated panels are ideal for airlines, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, repair stations, simulators, power plants and other industries that use indicators.

Data Entry Solutions

Staco Systems keyboards are designed for environments where performance and reliability are critical.
Our enclosed, panel mount, and MIL-SPEC rugged keyboards are ideal for law enforcement, public safety, industrial and process control environments as well as military and aerospace markets.

The Market STACO serve

Aerospace & Defence
Ground Vehicles