Which Various Applications Are PCBs Used In?


Which Various Applications Are PCBs Used In?

Electronics play a very important role in our everyday lives. A few examples of the electronics that we use every day are smartphones, televisions, refrigerators, and air conditions. In fact, we use them so often and so much that our lives are completely dependent on them! And, at the heart of every such electronic device is the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). It is the PCB that helps the electronic perform; and this PCB comes in various configurations, allowing them to serve a range of functions. With the expansion of electronics, PCB applications also continue to grow; and these applications are not restricted to one or two industries, but a large array of sectors like medical, industrial, automotive, aerospace, and entertainment. Let us take a look at some of the most common and wide usage of PCBs in various industries.

Entertainment industry

The devices that we use every day for our entertainment like smartphones, televisions, and computers comprise the entertainment industry devices. With the high usage of such devices, the number of PCBs produced to control them is also of high volume. These high volume PCBs have a relatively low per-unit cost, thus keeping them at available at an affordable price. However, strict industry standards and quality control measures are complied with, to ensure that every consumer electronic device is up to the mark and functioning properly.

Most common entertainment PCB applications – Smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, digital camera, microphones, DVD players, video game consoles, television sets, stereo sets, refrigerators, and microwaves

Automotive industry

Cars today heavily rely on electronic components, unlike previously when there were only limited electronic applications like headlight switches and windshield wipers. Today, advanced electronic circuit technology with sensor applications is used. In such applications, PCBs working with high-frequency signals like RF, microwave, or millimeter-wave frequencies are used. Also, radar technology that was once consigned to only military applications, is now commonly seen in modern automobiles to help avoid collisions, and adapt to traffic conditions when the vehicle is under cruise control. These advanced technologies improve safety on roads, while improving driving experience.

Most common automotive PCB applications – Monitor systems, control systems, power supplies, automatic parallel parking functions, GPS systems, audio devices, and movie screens

Aerospace industry

Aerospace applications require a great deal of precision and durability as these equipment need to withstand the harshest of environments like stress, turbulence, vibration, and more. Thus, the PCBs used in such applications need to be extremely high functioning and precise, manufactured for optimal function, to avoid technical issues.

Most common aerospace PCB applications – Accelerometers, microphones, pressure sensors, ground control communications, and testing equipment

Medical industry

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, which has brought about the latest technologies and devices. All the diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment devices used today are all automatic, and dependent on PCBs. The PCBs used in such devices are highly specialized, in order to fit the unique constraints of medical devices. In fact, certain medical devices are so small that they need a special high-density interconnect tiny PCB installed within, known as HDI PCB. Moreover, medical PCBs are kept high in standards as compared to other PCBs, because of the health implications associated with them.

Most common medical PCB applications – Heart rate and blood pressure monitors, CT scanners, ultrasonic technology scanners, control systems, heart pacemakers, electronic microscopes

Industrial applications

Industrial applications require PCBs that are high in power and can withstand harsh conditions like chemicals, vibrating machinery, and rough handling. Maintaining and complying with the industrial standards can be challenging and rigorous.

Most common industrial PCB applications – Measuring equipment, electric drills, electric presses, power inverters, power control devices, and solar power cogeneration equipment

Other than these applications, there are many other industries that require standard and highly specialized PCBs too like marine industries, firearm applications, security systems, broadcasting and telecommunications, and more. Whatever your application, you need the best quality standard PCBs that are appropriate for your particular application. And, this is why you need a professional, proficient, reputed, experienced, and reliable PCB assembly manufacturer from India, who can provide with the right PCB solution for your particular need. One such manufacturer is Miracle Aerospace, where you can get a wide range of perfectly crafted and standardized PCBs for almost every kind of application.