What Are Turnkey PCB Assembly Services?


What Are Turnkey PCB Assembly Services?

Earlier, when printed circuit boards were required to be built, they were outsourced to vendors who took a really long time to manufacture them. The process was not only long, but also stressful and expensive. This made it a concern for customers to look for multiple vendors and choose one who could assemble the right circuit board for them, one that could prove to be a cost-effective solution. Also, they would be required to track down hard-to-find components, and put in huge orders so that their projects could be taken up and considered as valuable.

But now, turnkey printed circuit board assembly services are available. Do you know what are these turnkey solutions? It is a process that uses cloud-based software to make printed circuit board ordering and assembly easy. You can upload your design files to a single vendor, who will be able to quickly provide a quote and complete the entire job. These trunkey solutions cut down on the costs and make it possible for manufacturers of PCB assembly from India to accept small orders and create prototypes. This is a boon for small businesses and startups that require only a minimal quantity of printed circuit board assemblies. Moreover, with such solutions, you can also log into the online system to track the progress of your order. So, instead of waiting for weeks or months in the illusion that your work is being done, you can keep a watch on how your project is moving forward.

Now, when you look for turnkey solutions, you will be able to find two types of services – partial and full. Let us understand both of them in detail so that you know which type of service you must opt for.

Full turnkey service

Here, the manufacturer will take care of all the services, right from ordering the parts, fabricating the circuit order, to providing the circuit boards. So, all you need to do is to place your order. Let the manufacturer know all your requirements and applications, and you will be provided the best products and services. The manufacturer here will be able to guide you and design the most ideal project for you, including all the parts and plans. This will save you lots of hassles and worry. However, this is an expensive option.

Partial turnkey service

A printed circuit board requires many components for it to be built. If you have these components with you, at least some if not all, and you need a printed circuit board assembly to be manufactured, you can look for partial turnkey services. You can provide the manufacturer with all the parts you have, so that he can get the remaining parts, and use his skills and manpower to assemble the parts to make your assembly. The manufacturer here will be responsible majorly for only the fabricating and assembling processes. This can save you on a lot of time and money, as you already have the parts in hand. So, you pay only for the manpower.

Miracle Aerospace provides end-to-end turnkey solutions for manufacturing the best quality PCB assembly from India. We have the skills and resources for prototyping, sourcing, development, designing, and testing. Thus, here you can get complete product engineering solutions for boxed products, from hardware designing to PCB designing and development.