All About Recycling Printed Circuit Boards


All About Recycling Printed Circuit Boards

One reason why countries abroad are successful is because they focus on recycling their products rather than throwing them in the waste. Unlike in India, where you see pools of waste in the water and on the land, countries who recycle reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators; thus preventing pollution. Recycling also conserves natural resources and saves energy, which increases economic security by tapping a domestic source of materials. In addition, it conserves valuable resources and reduces the need to collect new raw materials; thus preserving nature.

Now, we have heard about recycling paper, wood, plastic, and other such materials, but have you heard about electronic recycling? Yes, electronic devices are recycled too. In fact, with the massive amount of electronics being used today, it has become important more than ever before to recycle them. But for this, a proper recycling procedure is required.

With everything becoming so advanced and digital, there is so much of electronic wastage and scrap seen everywhere. There are also so many unused electronics. Computers, laptops, television sets, stereo systems, and all other electronics contain lots of metallic components that can be broken down, recycled, and reused. One such component is the Printed Circuit Board, or PCB.

PCBs are electronic components that are commonly used to connect electrical components within electronic devices. These PCBs contain lots of different components and valuable materials that can be extracted and reused after being recycled. This is why old PCBs shouldn’t be disposed into landfills. Moreover, these boards contain heavy metals and hazardous materials that can pose a serious threat to the environment if disposed. The heavy metals that we speak about here are also valuable as these include gold, silver, palladium, and copper. During recycling, almost all of these precious metals can be recovered.

PCBs can be recycled in a variety of ways like electro-chemical processes, smelting processes, and hydro-metallurgy. Almost all kinds of electronic components, metal scrap, and connectors can be recovered through these methods. Whatever the method, PCBs are often recycled through dismantling, which involves the removal of tiny components from the board. These components, once removed, can be used again. The most common components that are removed and reused are switches, capacitors, resistors, screws, transistors, and LEDs. Special tools and a lot of care is required to dismantle these components.

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