PCB Prototyping Or Standard Production – What To Choose?


PCB Prototyping Or Standard Production – What To Choose?

Manufacturing a PCB assembly from India can be a time-consuming, labourious, and challenging task. This is why you will look for every means to reduce the time and cocst associated with the development process. But, this does not mean that you compromise on the quality or manufacturing process. Now, you have two options to choose from – either you opt for PCB prototyping, or you choose for a standard production. So, which is a better option that can bring you the best results in the shortest possible time, with the least possible costs? Let us take a look at what both these processes are, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

PCB prototyping

Prototyping involves taking a design and building a small batch of boards using the basic materials. This process is short and simple, with the products being brought to you within only a few days time. The basic idea of this process is to give you a sense of how your design will turn out into a practical product to test if it works just as expected. This will help you know if the design is perfect for a full production run, or there are any changes required to be made. This can be made possible by testing the sample boards for any design or performance flaws, so that the changes can be made before the full production run, so that any possibly wasted time and costs can be eliminated.

Thus, prototyping provides the advantages of doing a small test run of the PCB design to check for any flaws well in advance; thus eliminating any time and money wastage in the future. However, this will also require you to wait for some time before you get the actual products in hand because the prototypes will have lower-than-standard tolerances than standard circuit boards. Moreover, the prototyped products will have limited materials and limited number of layers.

Standard production

Standard production means manufacturing the boards that will actually be used in an application. First and foremost, this will require using the exact specifications of size and materials, making it a complex and long process. Secondly, this will make larger production runs, means higher risk if there is a flaw in the design or performance. While this may be risky for a new design, it is the perfect plan to choose if you are working from an existing design.

On the other hand, with standard PCB production, you have no need to wait. Also, you can have the materials, layers, and other specifications all set to your requirements and preferences; thus no compromise. You can order even the most complex boards with as large production runs as you require. But, with standard production runs, you may have the risk of encountering any flaw, which may cost you time and money invested later, while wasting all your current products.

Where to go?

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