PCB Assembly – Is It Good To Outsource?


PCB Assembly – Is It Good To Outsource?

A PCB assembly involves not only a printed circuit board, but also many other components like wires, controls, displays, actuators, potting, and more. When all these components are assembled, there is also required a lot more after that like product labeling, shelf packaging, instruction manuals, etc. An ideal solution to get such PCB assemblies created is by outsourcing the process to an experienced PCB assembly manufacturer from India, who has all the skills and expertise to manufacture a variety of PCB assemblies within a stipulated time. Why you should outsource the process rather than doing it in-house is stated in this blog.

Best quality

Handling all the components of a PCB assembly and then assembling them just perfectly is no easy task. There could be a risk of fatal damage due to electrostatic discharge. A professional PCB assembly manufacturer from India would know how to deal with this risk, with the proper tools, equipment, and training for safe electrostatic discharge implementation. They have all the controls and training required to assure that your PCB assembly is installed without any such damage. Once the production is done, the manufacturer thoroughly checks and tests the product to assure that you receive high-quality tested products. Thus, you receive the best quality!

Meeting the changing demands

When it is a company specializing in manufacturing PCB assemblies, they are equipped with the required space, staff, tools, and equipment required to meet the requirements of producing the assemblies. They are also capable of meeting the ever changing needs and demands in the market. Thus, you can quickly let them know your requirements and they can have the job easily done for you. Thus, extra handling costs and efforts are also reduced.


You may require multiple variations of your PCB assemblies, varying in sizes, functionalities, colours, and many other choices. Configuration management is very important here, which is why you need professional handling from a specialized PCB assembly manufacturer from India. Such flexibility can be easily achieved by such professionals, which reduces the risk of having the wrong configuration in the inventory with longer lead times to get what you actually need.


It is very natural for one to produce damaged products, or for one to receive damaged components. All of this hassle will lead to a blame game within your company. To avoid such wastage of time and negativity, it is better to outsource the entire process to someone out of the premises. In this case, when any such damaged products are received, you know where the fault lies. And, this is well known by the third party too. Thus, they will take up all accountability for the product delivered, and will make sure to provide you with undamaged products.


If you wish to do everything in-house, you need to have everything mentioned above, that is, physical space, a dedicated staff, and the right equipment. All of this only adds up to your costs. Outsourcing the same to a professional will bring you the product at more or less the same price, but without any hassles on your part. Moreover, when you need variations or changes, as mentioned above, you won’t need to manage the extra handling. It will be all on the part of the PCB assembly manufacturer from India that you hire.

With all of the above points, you can definitely agree that outsourcing your PCB assembly manufacturing to a third party expert is a good idea. So, when you want to go with it, you can always approach Miracle Aerospace, the leading PCB assembly manufacturer from India, who has great expertise in building a variety of PCB assemblies with the best quality components and skilled labour.