Are You Making These PCB Design Mistakes?


Are You Making These PCB Design Mistakes?

PCBs have grown so much in demand, by being used in almost every kind of electrical and electronic device, no matter how big or small. And, with the rising requirements, have also increased the various types, kinds, sizes, and designs of PCBs to fulfill the demand of the specific applications they are used in. With these rising diversities, the complications in the PCB designs and constructions have grown too. However, these complications shouldn’t give the designers a reason to make mistakes. So, no matter how simple or complicated your PCB may be, make sure to avoid all possible mistakes in the design, because one error will mean complete failure of the PCB, which may lead to the breakdown of the application too! This blog will bring to your attention some of the most common design mistakes that are being made. Take a look and make sure that you do not make any of these. Or, hire a professional PCB manufacturer who is so expert and perfect in their job that they build only the most appropriate PCBs with zero errors, as they have a complete testing procedure in place at every stage of their manufacturing process. One such PCB assembly manufacturer from India is Miracle Aerospace, where you can get perfect μBGA and surface mount PCB assemblies that are ensured to be optimal and cost-effective, even if the designs are complicated and dense.

Common mistake – Having an over complicated design

Although there are many manufacturers who can design even the most complicated designs with ease, it is always better to be on the safer side and avoid such designs. An overcomplicated design may result in a schematic imbalance, which may affect productivity. Thus, keep the PCB design as simple as possible, and focus on the effectiveness of the design, while avoiding all possible PCB errors.

Common mistake – Landing pattern errors

The PCB design softwares provide libraries of electronic components. One important aspect available in these libraries is the PCB landing pattern, which needs to be drawn manually, if the components are used outside of the libraries in the PCB software design package. If not, it may increase the possibilities of errors.

Common mistake – Slither formations

Slithers, which are undissolved copper chunks, may cause short circuits and many other manufacturing failures. These slithers may be formed during the chemical etching process, which may then stick to the circuit boards and cause problems. Such errors must be avoided. You must ensure that there is minimum copper width, so that slithers can be minimized to ensure proper working of the PCBs.

Common mistake – Neglecting the antenna considerations

If your PCB is being used in a wireless technology, then the antenna layout is one of the most crucial elements. In the usage of a wireless application, the most focus is laid upon the chips and their integration, the embedded controller, and the related software. What is most forgotten is the antenna. But, remember, using the best antenna and the perfect antenna layout will enable the chips to deliver the maximum potential range and data rate. The impedance of the transceiver and antenna must be matched to ensure maximum power transfer. Also, a proper transmission line is required for an appropriate connection.

Common mistake – Decoupling capacitors positioning errors

Decoupling capacitors provide stable voltage to the components on the circuit board as they are placed closer to the pin. Before reaching the pin, the trace that powers the supply rail must pass through the decoupling capacitors; only then can stable voltage be provided. Thus, the decoupling capacitors should be utilized effectively, and should be placed close to the pin.

PCB designing requires great technological skill and ardent precision. Even a single mistake may lead to huge losses. Thus, you need to have a perfect, effective, and controlled PCB design to ensure best and reliable performance. So, make sure you avoid the above most common errors and every other possible mistake too. Or, leave the responsibility to a reliable PCB assembly manufacturer from India.