Why Is Laser Marking Used In The Aerospace Industry?


Why Is Laser Marking Used In The Aerospace Industry?

Innumerous aircrafts are flying every day. Then, there are aircrafts in the military and space industries. For such applications, the aircrafts need to be perfectly designed, engineered, and maintained. Aircrafts are bound to travel great distances at extremely high altitudes, while withstanding extreme atmospheric pressure. They also have to run through all kinds of temperatures and weathers, may it be the scintillating heat of summers, chilling winters, unstoppable rains, or stormy winds. Amidst all of these environments, aircrafts need to work smoothly, and for this, it is important that the manufacturing process of building aircrafts and their components is absolutely perfect. Along with this, it is also important that every component is marked properly and clearly to help the operators understand each part. This identification helps in easy handling of components, while also helping in quick and correct installation after repairs and replacements.

Every component of an aircraft must be of high quality and completely safe to use. Laser marking guarantees both these elements. When a professional is hired for laser marking for aircraft cables and other components, it ensures highly precise, accurate, and easily identifiable marks. These marks are both human and machine readable. Furthermore, an aircraft is made with components that are made from various types of metals like aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. Laser marking is completely compatible with all these materials, posing no harm or threat. Moreover, they do not fade or spread when printed over such materials. This is why laser marking is used in a wide range of applications, like –

  • Marking on cockpit avionic panels
  • Marking on both big and small electronic circuit boards and motor units
  • Circular marking on screw heads of different sizes and diameters

With such markings, laser marking has found a special place in the aerospace industry, with makes product identification a really simple process. This also helps to identify missing or dispersed parts in case of an air crash.

Why should you opt for laser marking only?

There are so many options to choose from for printing aircraft components, but laser marking has been confirmed as the most ideal choice. There are various reasons for this; some of them being –

  • Laser marking is quick – Imagine how time consuming it can be to mark the thousands of components within an aircraft like engines, blades, propellers, wires, fuel supply lines, and more! But, when laser marking is selected, it makes the process really fast with the capability of marking up to 80 meters of wires per minute.
  • Laser marking is versatile – Laser marking can mark everything from alphabets and numbers to symbols and barcodes that could be microscopic in size to being huge in size so as to be easily visible from the ground as the aircraft takes off.
  • Laser marking produces high quality markings – Laser marking is safe and durable, no matter which material it is used on. It heats up the surface and causes an oxidation reaction that leaves a permanent mark without causing any damage to the surface of the part that is being marked.

You can get in touch with Miracle Aerospace is you are looking for quality and cost-effective laser marking for aircraft cables, where you can have all kinds of markings done on all kinds of materials effectively.