Why Is Laser Marking Important For The Aerospace Industry?


Why Is Laser Marking Important For The Aerospace Industry?

Aircrafts have very long operational lives, may it be for commercial or military purposes. The average age of airlines ranges from 20-25 years. This requires more maintenance and repair of such aircrafts, with constant supply of certified parts. The most critical aspects of such aircraft maintenance and manufacturing are component serialization and traceability.

Earlier, manufacturers had to choose between traditional engraving and screen printing to mark parts with text, barcode, or images. But, these processes were expensive, risky, and not even permanent. This is because inks and adhesive stickers wear away with time. Moreover, mechanical etching and other marking systems can weaken some parts. Thus, we need to find a way to apply permanent marking such that it does not degrade or weaken.

Today, manufacturers can print numbers, characters, barcodes, and images without compromising on the parts, using laser marking for aircraft cables. This has been possible with the help of focused laser light that produces easy-to-read and damage-free marks, instead of using physical tools to transmit ink, or etch the surface. Thus, laser marking has become a vital tool to meet product marking requirements, while enhancing quality and minimizing counterfeiting. But, why is this important? This is because aircrafts are exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions, which is why legible and long-lasting markings are crucial. Moreover, part identification is critically important to help investigators track the history of an important part, which requires properly engraved and durable markings.

Laser marking doesn’t use any kind of consumables; thus making it clean, affordable, and energy efficient, which is not the case in chemical etching or inkjet printing. It also eliminates the costs and time associated with fixing, cleaning, and powering printers. Thus, with this no-contact damage-free process, you can have a clean marking with minimal material penetration.

Laser marking systems are important and beneficial in a variety of ways. Here is what laser marking can help us achieve.

  • All numbers, letters, barcodes, symbols, and images are created without any distortion.
  • The system is a non-contact method that creates permanent, durable, and high quality markings.
  • The procedure is inexpensive and can be easily automated for high volume requirements.

All kinds of metals like aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium can be laser marked. Along with this, many non-metals like ceramics, thermo-elastomer rubber, and plastics can also be laser marked. All kinds of services like logo marking, barcode marking, nameplate engraving, part numbers engraving, lot code marking, date code marking, controls marking, and a lot more can be achieved with laser marking procedures.

Over the years, laser marking has gained incredible acceptance across the globe in every sector of the aerospace industry because of these incredible benefits and uses. All kinds of parts like blades, discs, rings, bolts, screws, nuts, pumps, generators, washers, brake discs, gears, actuators, ID plates, turbine shafts, engines, nozzles, vanes, combustors, and thermal exchange systems can be laser marked. With all of this, laser marking offers unlimited possibilities of clear durable marks on every aerospace part. So, whenever you wish to get your aircraft cables marked, get in touch with Miracle Aerospace, who specializes in precision industrial laser marking for aircraft cables with a team of skilled professionals to ensure quick, easy, efficient, and cost-effective services.