Why Should You Get Your PCB Assembly From India?


Why Should You Get Your PCB Assembly From India?

When you opt for a PCB assembly from India from the most reliable professionals like Miracle Aerospace, you are opting for a high level of quality and accountability. And, when these assemblies are to be used in military and aerospace applications, these aspects become even more important. This is because maintaining high quality military and aerospace components is extremely important. Now, why you should opt for locally manufactured PCB assemblies, and not those made overseas, is described pretty well in this blog. Let’s take a look.


When you outsource your PCB assembly production task to overseas manufacturers, it’s impossible to know the type of quality that you’ll receive. At least, when within reach, you can keep a check on the quality. And, when you have a professional PCB manufacturer who follows strict quality control programs, you can be sure to get high quality PCBs every time. Poor quality and poorly designed PCBs won’t work properly for a long time, or may even stop working unexpectedly, which may cause time wastage and safety hazards. And when they do, there is a considerable amount of money spent on repairs and replacements.

Cost reduction

You may outsource your PCB manufacturing overseas as you may see it to be available to you at lower costs. But, you may not notice the additional and hidden costs associated with it like freight, inventory, travel expenses, clearance expenses, market volatility affecting exchange rates, and pre-payment requirements. So, in the end, you may end up with higher costing PCB assemblies than you would get locally.

Time wastage

Dealing with overseas companies means lots of time wasted in clearance, meaning a delay of weeks and months together. And, if amidst the procedure, there is any issue, resolving it is restricted and delayed by time zones, meaning additional delay in the delivery. Conversely, if any such issue arises when you are getting your product from your state or any other state within your country, the issue can be resolved easier and quicker.

Communication issues

There are always communication issues between two countries, especially between India and other foreign countries. In fact, even within our country, we have so many languages, and so many people who understand only their own native language, that it becomes difficult to communicate internally itself; leave alone conversing with foreigners. This makes it difficult to discuss requirements, strategies, expectations, and lots more. Even the smallest misinterpretation can lead to huge blunders, heavy costs, and major delays.

Design theft

Indian laws in terms of copyrights, trademarks, and other rights do not apply in other countries. Whenever you use offshore manufacturing, you have the risk of the design being stolen, which makes it extremely difficult to defend intellectual property privacy. This kind of theft results in loss of the actual product, and also loss of money and time required to replace it.

Looking at all the above points, it is clear that you must always opt for a PCB assembly from India. And, when you do, you must approach Miracle Aerospace, where you needn’t worry about any kind of quality issues, because here there is dedicated quality assurance and top-rated resource for equipment handling, along with qualification and certification support.