Choosing The Right PCB Manufacturer


Choosing The Right PCB Manufacturer

With multiple PCB manufacturers available, looking for the one that is perfect and suitable for your purpose, is not easy. Not every PCB manufacturer is the same, which is why you need the right eye to choose the manufacturer that is appropriate for your requirements. First of all, you need to understand if you need a PCB manufacturer or a PCB assembler. Both these professionals are different, and serve their own individual purposes. Also, if you are looking for manufacturers, make sure they are real manufacturers, and not just an agent standing between the manufacturer and consumer. Choosing the wrong manufacturer means leading to extended turnarounds times and unnecessary costs. So, here are some tips that can help you do some right research and find out the right professional for your task. Keep these points in mind while narrowing down your search and trying to find the right manufacturer who can offer quality services.

Type of manufacturer

PCB assembler – These professionals are responsible for assembling the PCB for you, where you provide them with the materials you want to use. They only assemble all the components, without being concerned with the materials and sourcing. These types are great when you have a good stock of components, or great relationships with component suppliers.

PCB manufacturer – These professionals start from scratch and manufacture the entire PCB for you. They are involved with material sourcing and assembling, along with testing and packaging of the board too. So here, you specify a design that suits you, and they will fully build a PCB based on the design. This helps a quick turnaround time for board revisions and prototypes, made with using the current technologies.

Quality of manufacturer

You need a PCB that lives up to the expected quality standards, for which you need a reputed and reliable PCB manufacturer hired. Check for the manufacturing, testing, and quality control procedures of the manufacturer first, whom you are planning to hire. Using controlled and quality processes will ensure superior quality of your PCBs.

Manufacturer’s experience

You need a manufacturer who has an experience of building the PCB type that you require. If the manufacturer has been in the field for quite some years, they have all the experience not only to build the best PCBs, but also efficiently and quickly overcome any problems that arise in the process. Such experienced manufacturers also know the importance of quality, reputation, and deadlines.


Even if the manufacturer is experienced enough, you need to ensure that he is certified. An adequately certified manufacturer means that they are approved for their quality processes and products. All necessary certifications like ISO and UL are important. Even if they charge a little extra, a certified manufacturer is better than a non-certified one offering services and products at a lower cost. The extra cost if after all, for the compliance to the laws, regulations, and quality.

Calculate everything very carefully in terms of quality, cost, and timing, and choose a reliable manufacturer. Miracle Aerospace is one such manufacturer who you can depend upon entirely for the best PCB assembly from India. We have capabilities of both assembling and manufacturing, with more than two decades of experience. Moreover, our certifications of AS9100D, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 clearly show how we follow Lean manufacturing systems, and use Lean tools to achieve zero defect 100% quality products, delivered to you on time every time.