How To Choose An EMS Provider That Best Suits Your Requirements?


How To Choose An EMS Provider That Best Suits Your Requirements?

Outsourcing your electronics manufacturing to an EMS provider, so that you can focus your time and efforts on other important tasks at hand, is a wise decision. However, to make this decision a success, you need to choose and build up the perfect relationship with the right EMS partner. There are a number of companies offering various kinds of Electronics Manufacturing Services from India, but you need to choose the one that is right for you. Even if the EMS provider is the most experienced one in the industry, it may not be worth it for you, if he doesn’t suit your requirements. Thus, you need to be able to choose a provider whose strategies fit your project requirements. And, how do you do that? This blog is the answer to this question.

Can the EMS provider offer what you expect for your project?

First and foremost, understand your project and requirements. What are you hoping to achieve from the project, and how will these expectations match with the EMS provider’s strategies? Make a list of all the reliable EMS providers you can find, and then shortlist them on the capabilities they have, choosing those whose capabilities match with your requirements.

How much of the project are you expecting to outsource?

Next, identify with the amount of work you are planning to outsource. Is it the complete project, or only part of it? If you are outsourcing your entire project, the EMS provider should be capable of handling everything from bringing in the components, assembling them, manufacturing the product, and finally testing it. If you are asking them to handle only a part of the entire process, you need to be sure that what you are doing and what you want them to do are all in line. There must be complete understanding of who is doing what, and the timelines and deadlines too.

How financially stable is the EMS provider?

Money plays a very integral role in the manufacturing process. Whether you are outsourcing part or all of your manufacturing process, you need to be sure that the EMS provider can finance the part. However, note here that even the EMS provider has the liberty to check on your financial stability. They may run credit checks on your company; and in the case that any anomalies are found in your accounts, they may enquire further or may even decline working with you. So, while you test them, be ready to be tested yourself too!

Can your project quantities be fulfilled?

How big is your project, and how many similar projects do you have in line? The size and the number of projects that you expect depend highly on choosing the EMS provider for your company. While many companies offer low to medium volumes, there are others who cater only to large production runs. Then, there are many others who provide all kinds of volumes. Make sure to choose the provider that suits your volume capacities. If you are a small volume company, you need to approach one who provides such small volumes. Also, if you are planning to expand in the future, it is better to choose one who can offer both kinds of volumes, big and small. Miracle Aerospace is an expert who offers Electronics Manufacturing Services from India of all kinds and sizes – high-mix, low, medium, and high volume – to provide flexible and scalable, low cost and high quality solutions to totally satisfy the customers.

After you check all of this, you will be in a better position to identify the EMS provider(s) that can work for you. Finalize on one that suits your project and capabilities the best. However, no matter who you choose, make sure that you are always on clear, transparent, and honest terms with them right from Day 1. Any communication gaps may result in failures in the future, no matter how perfect the EMS provider may be.