Challenges Faced While Manufacturing Aerospace Wire Harnesses


Challenges Faced While Manufacturing Aerospace Wire Harnesses

Every industry has its own benefits, but also a number of challenges that they face. Same is the case with the aerospace wire harness industry. Wire harness manufacturers’ daily projects have a lot of trials and challenges to be faced while assembling and repairing wire harnesses that are manufactured for aerospace applications.

Aerospace wire harnesses are generally large and heavy, as they are complexly manufactured with hundreds of components and multiple breakouts. They are also made so strong and reliable that they can withstand extreme environmental and operating conditions. But, to build such strong, reliable, and quality wire harnesses, manufacturers also require qualified and diligent professionals who have the know-how of the proper tools, and latest technologies. These professionals also need to be compliant with the most current standards and requirements.

Decades ago, aircraft manufacturers would generally disassemble and repair most of the components in-house, which also included wire harnesses. But today, most aircraft manufacturers outsource their harness manufacturing, repairing, testing, and rebuilding processes. This means unique challenges for manufacturers as they now have to repair and rebuild harnesses that they haven’t manufactured. Thus, to carry out this task efficiently, they must be provided with the perfect documentation by the assembler, as this is what they rely on while making the repairs and rebuilds.

Also, the original manufacturer of the wire harness needs to create designed engineering representative repairs, which determines if the harness is even repairable. If it is, there needs to be a component maintenance manual on how to perform the repairs. Thus, many harness manufacturers have template the process in order to deliver a designed engineering representative within the shortest timeframe, while also being able to work with companies who repair and install the harness, while restoring the rest of the engine.

Another unique challenge with the aerospace wire harness industry is that the entire process is completely manual, despite the fact that there are so many advances in technology. This is why harness manufacturers are required to go through a two-month training program to learn the practices of the company where they are assembling, along with additional training for the specific requirements of the client.

Wire harnesses coming from various countries have different kinds of variations and requirements for assembling and installation; thus, it is absolutely vital that the assemblers are cross-trained to become familiar with the assemblies of each type. Furthermore, they must also receive training as to how to perform soldering and be certified to the required standards. Assemblers also need to be trained with portable computerized testing equipment, as it is difficult to test and remove aerospace harnesses.

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