Stick Cricket Live Tips

Stick Cricket Live Tips

Stick Cricket Live Tips – To change your username, click on your username in the top left corner of the main menu to access the Statistics screen. You can change your banner and edit your username there. Remember, you can add emojis to your username!

Go to your Cards screen from the main menu. Choose an archer you want to use and add it to your “deck” by clicking on it and selecting another archer from your deck to swap with.

Stick Cricket Live Tips

Stick Cricket Live Tips

The circled number on the left shows your card’s level. The bar below the card shows the number of cards you currently have and the number of cards you need for your next upgrade. For example, if you have 3/4 Jon Slow cards, that means you currently have 3 cards and need a total of 4 to qualify for the next upgrade.

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Each bowl and bat that is collected has different characteristics that can be improved. These will make your card more useful in game situations. To stay competitive, it is recommended to upgrade your cards and try a variety of cards to find the right technique that suits your play style.

To upgrade your bowler or bat card, you need to collect multiple cards of the same bowler/bat. When you have enough cards, you will see a green arrow on the card in the card screen that needs to be updated, tap and update! increase the increase of card characteristics.

If your baller is right handed, you will see an “R” above it, if your baller is left handed, you will see an “L”.

Stick Cricket Live is not a real-time multiplayer game. You can “pick up” an incoming call, but if you accept the call you lose your game.

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Yes, this is possible with a Facebook login. Log in to the Facebook settings screen and go to the Ranks screen to see your friends list. Challenge a friend to a game by clicking on their name to start a game. Sometimes the connection to Facebook is a problem. On the settings screen, try signing out of Facebook and signing in again.

First, make sure your friends also have the game by inviting them to enter the game on the Ranks screen. Facebook friends will appear on the Ranking screen. Sometimes the connection to Facebook is a problem. On the settings screen, try signing out of Facebook and signing in again. Facebook is the only friend network supported by Stick Cricket Live.

Stick Cricket Live is a free-to-play game, which means it can be played completely free of charge without any disadvantage to the player. Advertising revenue helps Stick Sports keep the game free for all players. Any purchase will remove advertising.

Stick Cricket Live Tips

Stick Cricket Live uses a standard betting system. Here two players pay the same entry and the winner takes all these fees as a prize. So a win doubles the money. Your net profit is equal to your entry fee. For example: you pay 3000 to enter a game and you win the game. Your reward is 6,000!! remembering that you have already paid 3,000, so 3,000 is your net profit.

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On the first device, just sign in (with Facebook, Google Play Services, or Apple Signin). This will link your account to your Stick Cricket Live account. Play a game to make sure your progress is saved.

Then log in on the second device in the same way and you should prompt it to use the current data on the device or use data stored in the cloud.

* try to run the game on more than one device at any time. This may cause your saved profile to sync and risk permanently losing any progress.

The Stick Cricket Live algorithm has been designed to make matches as fair as possible. Players will be matched based on relevant factors such as the number of prizes or their cards or stats. Opponent must also 1) be online now looking for a match 2) be in the same stadium as you. The application will continue to search for a suitable match, expanding the search criteria until it finally finds a match.

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For example, there are 20 awards in total available in Christchurch. After you win 20 prizes, you won’t win anymore unless you advance to the next level.

You can still earn medals from completed stadiums, but be careful because you might lose your current trophies too!

You will never play against a hacker! Some players have tried to cheat the system by installing game files. The game detects these cheats and “deals with them” 😉 You will never come across hackers and their achievements are not recognized in legitimate leaderboards or leagues. They live lonely lives, more lonely than you think.

Stick Cricket Live Tips

Please let us know. We are a small group and sometimes we miss things. If you see something that doesn’t work or something that looks good, we’d love to know. Please contact us using the method below and we will follow up as soon as possible.

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There is a feedback button on the Settings screen within the game. Contacting us through this method is the best way as it provides additional and important information to help our support team respond to you. If you can’t access the game, please contact us at