What To Ask To Identify A Good EMS Partner?


What To Ask To Identify A Good EMS Partner?

Planning to hand over the control of your electronics manufacturing to an external provider? That could be a wise decision, provided you find an appropriate and reliable provider of genuine Electronics Manufacturing Services from India. You need to instill a great deal of trust and confidence in them to hand over the responsibility. So, how do you get that feeling of trust? It’s when you know that you have found the perfect one. Here are some questions, which when answered, can help you know that you have made the right choice.

What Quality Management System do they implement?

Every good EMS provider will have to implement a Quality Management System to get the standards required. Without a system in place, the results obtained will not be up to the mark. And, when you are looking for quality results, you definitely want to hire a provider who implements, if not international, then at the least certain national standards into their systems and capacities. A certified EMS provider is one who you can rely upon to use standard procedures and materials. You must also check the condition of their manufacturing or assembling areas to see how they work and how much they can score in terms of principles.

What kind of approach do they have to New Product Introduction?

Does the provider use Advanced Product Quality Planning or any other such procedure as part of their New Product Introduction procedure? Or, is there any other alternative for the same? Check for their approvals, sign-off documents, FMEAs, quality plans, and specifications. They should also be conducting process verification to ensure process control before serial production. The best procedures include startup instructions, details, check sheets, process documentation at each stage, control plans, fail-safe systems, and process performance monitoring.

How do they manage their purchase with suppliers?

Because you are handing over the responsibility of your product to the EMS provider, you need to know where the raw materials are coming from and how. After all, what the provider is buying, is to go into your products. So, you need to keep an eye on their suppliers and purchase list too. Understand their process for supplier selection, their relationships with their suppliers, their updated approved supplier list, and their purchase order management. Also, make sure their systems include inspection checks, sampling plans, testing facilities, and rejection strategies. They must thus have an adequate inspection facility for all kinds of tests and checks, to mitigate any risks of products before they reach your facility.

Are they ready to face any uncertainties?

Uncertainties may arise at any point of time; and it is vital that your EMS provider is ready to face those consequences and handle them well. They must be ready to face any kind of disaster, fall-out, or mishandling caused. They must thus have a recovery plan in place for any and every kind of situation. Simultaneously, they must also have a risk assessment analysis which can highlight any possibilities of risks or any initial risks at the earliest to prevent bigger disasters.

With all these questions answered, you will have a major portion of your doubts cleared. And then, for further queries, you can always sit with the EMS provider and solve them out to avoid any hassles and misunderstandings later. Nevertheless, if you choose a leading service provider like Miracle Aerospace, you will have nothing to worry about, because everything here is up to the standards required, with every little thing in place that is monitored and tested, thus making the name the most reputed provider of the finest Electronics Manufacturing Services from India.